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  1. Praveen permalink

    Im interested how you implemented the SSIS Execution Report.

    • Jonathan Amen permalink

      I published the report to our SSRS server, and created the sproc on the AdminDB. Unfortunately this series doesn’t cover publishing SSRS reports. Sorry!

  2. Thank you for this awsome series of tutorials.

    I have used this series of tutorials to create a more robust SSIS flow for a client and it is working very well for us.

    For those of you who are having trouble with the SSRS part:
    I Created a new SSRS project in VS 2k8.
    Then I added the two reports by rightclicking the reportsfolder in my solution explorer.
    Next was to add the needed stored procedures to the AdminDB through SQL Management Studio. The needed files can be found in the “SSISPackageLoggingSystemReporting” folder.
    Finally i ran the report in preview mode. There where a few errors but they went away once i added the AdminDB as a shared DataSource and then opened the Datasets to force a conn refresh.

    • Jonathan Amen permalink

      Thanks, Rolf! I’m glad this series has helped you create a great SSIS template!

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